13 things you need to know about digital marketing

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1-Types of Digital Marketing

Marketing with email marketing is considered to be on of the oldest types of digital marketing and still its been used as a primary approach in the digital marketing because it is works.Because copyrighting sells and words have influence toward people and companies .Now you might be wondering of the important of implementing and using the email marketing and that is it is very cost effective ,unlike other types of marketing campaigns and tools.Email marketing cost only subscribing with email hosting systems and paying on a monthly fees or annual depending on your wish .

Companies can save many operation cash utilizing email marketing before implementing other types of advertising or marketing tools that they will be running.Companies use this type of marketing because it reaches subscribes that have already been in their list and showed attention to to their products and services.Smart businesses use email marketing along with other types of digital marketing tools and strategies such as social media posting and advertising and paying attention to publish contents that will boost their Search Engine Optimization leading them to rank in search engines such as Google,Yahoo and bing for certain keywords when online users try to search for certain keywords.

Currently nowadays businesses and professionals marketers pays attention to posting in LinkedIn ,Facebook,Instagram ,Twitter and Reddit.Investing in continuous learning is an essential part to grow with current market demand for building better awareness ,getting traffic,bringing sales and higher conversions rates.Self education is a must to learn more and earn more whether it was for self interest or for the sake for the business.Reading more about latest marketing tactics and strategies that is being implemented within some businesses such as reading case studies,white papers and more is also very helpful.But firstly is if a company didn’t attract the subscribers to buy through their email ,company should re edit their offer and copywriting whether it was in the email itself or their website.As Contents is what makes buyers decided if they will go forward buying or no.Email marketing is one of the top best marketing strategies and tactics if used properly.

It is best for companies to diversify their digital marketing campaigns and contents posting in several social media platforms  to attract as many readers and viewers.As not all people use facebook,twitter ,linkedin and instagram mainly and on daily basis.Some will consume their whole day on facebook,some will be using linkedin mainly in their day or work day and some twitter on their go and so on.SO it is important to pay attention to post in each one so that you don’t miss any potential lead.And each of these social media platform requires a lot of attention and different kind of approach and strategies to execute and win a reader to pay attention to them.Businesses should also focus on their customer service quality level :meaning answers to customers and inquiries on time,assist customers when needed ,giving them detailed informations and instructions such as FAQ(frequently asked questions) to answer their questions.Now that you have a brief idea about email marketing and customer service let’s understand when to use each and where to use them.

Content marketing is an approach to insert a targeted SEO search terms into s website .It can be used on new site,on old one ,social medias,email marketing,mobile marketing and traditional marketing.The main purpose for content marketing is to market the business using rich contents that will attract users when they are searching within the search engines for a topic or a sentence.They say content is king and indeed it is.The longer the blog posts or contents is the better because it drive the user to keep reading but making sure it solves their problem and get their attention.The content you create will be shared as mentioned within tour blog,facebook page,YouTube ,facebook,twitter,linkedin,Reddit,Pinterest and more.In each of the social media platforms there are 2 types of sending a message one is free which means by content marketing and other is by advertising which is not free and is running a campaigns .On top of that Search engines also have Advertisement options such as google ads.Google ads are another type of digital marketing that can be a huge competitive advantage for businesses .While many people are still using the online marketing methods (digital marketing) it is advised to also use an offline marketing channels to enhance the brand of the business.

Implementing SEO (search engine optimization )within the website itself and contents is very essential for business to drive traffic oraganically.Google and search engines have a certain language and algorithm that differentiate website in the ranking for keywords with certain factors .SEO do need a lot of attention and care and time too as it is not free as you will need writers to write blog posts and will need SEO ex[erts to code the website in a way that google will love it and rank it among other sites.Paid advertising is what many small businesses run after as they drive traffic fast but off course cost them to buy for epithet impressions or for clicks.

2-Reasons you need digital marketing

There are lots of reasons you would need digital marketing but the most popular one is to increase your sales. It's a cost-effective way of making more money by increasing sales and this can be done by creating a well thought out marketing campaign. The things you would need to consider are;

What kind of products or services you are selling

What kind of customer base you have

Where you can maximize your marketing efforts

How you would go about doing it

These are the most important questions that you have to answer before you embark on digital marketing so you can start making money.

Getting the right money for digital marketing

Now that you know the type of product you are selling or the market you are targeting, you have to ensure that you get the right people to sell your product or service to the right customers.

The more you market your business on social media the more you'll increase your sales and this can be done by spending money on digital marketing. Also, be sure to stay updated with all the latest developments in your industry and there are various tools and websites that you can turn to for tips and ideas to improve your business.

3-Importance of Digital marketing in the budget

Digital Marketing is of immense importance in this year's Budget. It has been extensively discussed and discussed in the recent budget proposals and many industries are expecting a rise in digital marketing in this year's budget. Although not given much attention, digital marketing has witnessed an immense growth.

Digital Marketing Empowerment

Digital marketing has come a long way and has empowered the power users and brought great results. Not only small and mid-sized companies are taking a huge advantage but also large and medium scale companies are adopting digital marketing successfully. It has brought huge benefits and also paved way for the marketing industry in India to reach out to different communities and industry experts.


Digital marketing allows business owners to reach out to larger audiences and increase profits. Companies are able to gain better control over their brand and be able to gain more customer base. Digital marketing is an integral part of any modern marketing strategy and provides businesses with numerous opportunities and benefits.

Promotion of Brand Presence

Digital marketing helps in promoting brand presence in the market. You get to maintain a high profile and this is the very reason it has been adopted by every business in India

Outreach for Customer Services

This is another brilliant advantage of digital marketing. You can reach out to your customers easily and easily connect with them. The contact base and the sales leads of a company are already built which will help you provide better customer services and sales.

Paid Media Campaigns

If you are a company that pays for marketing then digital marketing can be the best medium. There are many digital marketing platforms which can help you in this regard. Through paid media campaigns, you can reach out to your customers without spending a single penny and also gain a lot of leads and customers through direct sales.

This is the most important aspect of digital marketing and many businesses are already using this method to bring in a lot of profits and increase their business growth.

4-How Do You Get Started With Digital Marketing

Now that you've decided to get your company in front of people, how do you do it?

Business owners often ask, "How do I know how to get started with digital marketing?"

There are so many companies in the digital marketing space that it's often hard to determine what type of service you need.

Luckily, we've sorted it all out for you. Here are the top 10 digital marketing strategies that'll give your business a huge boost.

1. Use online tools

It used to be that you'd have to find your customers on your website and find more customers from outbound and outbound marketing. But now, you can easily capture leads using online tools.

By using online tools, like Google tools, email tools, and mobile tools, you can really work from a central hub and get a lot of action in a short amount of time," says Joe Lin, President and Co-Founder of Fetch Digital.

Be careful though. With online tools, you might overlook the real problem.

"Most business owners think they're missing potential

5-What is Marketing and Marketing Management

Marketing management is a combination of management and marketing skills that help in designing, developing and implementing marketing strategy for an organization. The benefits of marketing management are:

Letting the right marketing specialists take decisions

The marketing manager or the head of the marketing department is the person in the department who oversees and approves all the decisions that make up a marketing strategy. The head of the marketing department has to have marketing knowledge and the entire marketing department should be implemented on the right skillsets, knowledge and expertise. All the reports have to be developed by the head of marketing department keeping in view the vision of the organization and its business objective. A marketing manager is required to implement and ensure that the marketing strategy is well designed to get maximum customers. The marketer also has to have proper exposure of the business, trade, and economic scenario in order to use the right information in the right manner. The marketing department is needed to ensure the optimal utilization of the employees, infrastructure and technology of the company and the employees have to understand their role in implementing the marketing strategy.

Superior resource planning

The head of the marketing department must ensure that the available resources are optimally utilized. Marketing management has the role of planning the financial management of the company and the resources available with the company in a proper manner. The head of the marketing department must be ready to give clear goals for the business and accordingly prepare budget and enhance the marketing budget for the purpose.

6-Difference Between Marketing and Sales

Difference between sales and marketing ? The difference between the sales cycle and marketing cycle is often very pronounced. The sales cycle is where a buyer starts to investigate the prospect's product, platform, and company. As he goes through the discovery process, the goal is to understand how the product or service fits in with his current business, determine the biggest value driver and determine if it will add any new customers to the existing ones. This process can take months or even a couple of years to complete. However, a good salesperson can make the process as quick as possible by finding out the "why" for the buyer, finding out what problems they are trying to solve, developing a marketing plan that makes the solution more appealing and enticing. Sometimes the sales process is as quick as a phone call. Other times it is months or even years of showing in a row how the solution will solve the buyer's biggest challenges. This is called a sales process.

There is one big difference between the sales cycle and the marketing cycle. At the end of the sales process, you have decided who your customer is. That's it! The reason is that you don't need to build a marketing plan to "sell" the solution you have developed. You don't have to present to new prospects in person or to keep track of if they made the purchase. The buyer has already decided. What's left for the salesperson to do is put together a presentation that tells the prospect about what's in it for them and to write a contract. While this can take time, most sales are closed within a couple of months or at the latest, a few months, sometimes much faster.

7-Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Let’s say you are a startup CEO who has only been in business for a few months. You are trying to develop a brand that can stand up to larger competitors. You are very early on your journey and you have no money to spend on a marketing campaign.

The following are some ways you can market your business for free.

Create a blog for your business. It can be very helpful to have a blog that talks about your business and industry. Make sure to write a blog regularly, posting information on your business frequently. Get a website that is geared towards helping new customers learn about your business. With a website, you can sell a subscription service that gets you regular emails with tips and information about your business. You can also find that you can buy Google AdSense advertising that you can put on your website to get extra exposure. Create a video that explains your business. The benefits of creating a video include the fact that you can communicate more clearly and hold a camera in one hand and a pen in the other. You can add subtitles to your video and include key messages about your business on your website. People can watch your video on YouTube or any other video sharing site that is available. Do you have an established community or events page on your website? This is a great opportunity to run an ad or create a sponsored event that you can then run ads on to promote. Network with other entrepreneurs in your industry and let them know about your business. This can be a valuable way to spread your brand and find new customers.

8-Types of Digital Marketing

Marketers have different approaches to digital marketing. Some prefer using paid digital advertising channels like Google AdWords and social media marketing. Others use email marketing, paid search advertising, social media marketing, remarketing advertising, content marketing, SEO marketing, predictive analysis, site traffic generation, and multimedia ads, among others.

Those interested in PPC marketing typically generate and target leads from online display ads. They also create campaigns that include push notifications and landing pages.

In case of organic traffic, PPC marketers generate leads by generating relevant search queries and when people complete the search with relevant keywords, they convert.

Generally, there is a lower conversion rate for PPC traffic compared to organic traffic. If PPC leads are converting, marketing efforts and budget will not go waste.

How to convert PPC leads into paying customers?

Whenever you receive an email from a lead, you should answer it quickly because there are four phases for closing a lead: the planning, consideration, research and negotiation phases. Following those phases, there are three more steps that a PPC lead must go through:

Lead segmentation: Now you have to create a lead persona, describe the person, and how the conversion process should be executed. Google Analytics tools provide an excellent level of detail of how users are going through a conversion. There are tools that allow you to segment your site traffic. Once you create the lead persona, you can create a landing page and rank the different lead segments on your website. Create a call to action: By the time you receive an email from a lead, you have already identified a person and even know a few things about him or her. To convert them into paying customers, it’s a good idea to create a call to action on your landing page that helps a potential customer buy your product or service. Conversion tracking: One of the advantages of digital marketing tools is that you can get tracking of the potential conversion. And this is the most critical step of converting PPC leads into paying customers.

9-Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing

To be your most successful in life and work, you need to be a master of digital marketing. There are no limits to your digital marketing success, so start creating a website that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Get started with the best knowledge that will help you grow your audience.Guide To Digital Marketing

3. Read and watch content

Research shows that those who read content in the form of books or articles are actually more likely to get influenced by content marketing. So read, listen and watch. You can also study the profiles of the top bloggers in your industry to discover the articles that have a lot of traffic. This is a great source of content for your website.

4. Have conversations with people

People are not always happy with your content. They may be offended or put off by your way of presenting your business, and that's okay. Listen to them. Work it out. Engage them in conversations about the content. This might turn out to be a positive for your content marketing strategies.

5. Find influencers in your industry

Influencers are people who are seen to have influence in a certain field. They have a bigger reach than you or your target audience. You can find influencers by following them on social media platforms. In this way, you will get to know their followers and gain an insight into their thought process and mindset. Make this part of your content marketing strategy.

So What Makes Content Marketing Successful?

Having a successful content marketing strategy takes a lot of effort, planning and forethought. However, it will lead to huge gains in the form of recognition, traffic, and sales. When content marketing is implemented by the right and the right people, it can even become a profit-generating machine. This is exactly what we've done at Elite SEO.

While we can get into the details of how our process works, we will also let you in on a few of the best practices that you can take away and put into practice.

1. Prepare a content calendar

Marketing a product is like preparing a publication for a magazine. Before the content is ready, the editor checks the cover and publishes it. This is exactly how you should be marketing your blog posts. You should first plan a content calendar with your team to write, share, promote, and review your content. Take time to understand what readers want to see in your blog posts and how you can satisfy their needs.

2. Track user engagement

Many bloggers have noticed that when a post is very popular, it tends to bring in a lot of traffic. The trick is to analyse this. If a post is popular, you can estimate the popularity and predict how many visitors you will receive.

You should also analyse the posts you've published in the past to see if you missed any opportunities to bring in traffic to your website. As an example, if a particular blog post has received high ratings, it is recommended that you add a comment to that blog post to discuss this and the opportunity for growth. This will not only bring in more traffic to your site, but will also result in high conversion rates.

3. Write awesome headlines

In order to boost your online visibility, you need to write great headlines. You can write these headlines on your own, but if you have a team of writers that can help you, it's a bonus. People are more likely to click on an article if the headline is catchy and attractive. It needs to be in line with the title you've just given your post. For instance, if you want to write a post called, "10 Fresh Ways to Achieve a Better Web Profits in 2019," the title of your article would be: "10 Fresh Ways to Achieve a Better Web Profits in 2019."

4. Target key words

Key words are those words that are associated with your blog and your niche. For instance, to reach a group of moms in Australia, the words "mommy blogs" would be perfect for this. Once you're in your niche, you will probably come across some related terms that you should include in your headline.

For instance, if your blog is about tech and startups, you should include some popular startup words in your headline like "pivot," "disrupt," or "change." The more you can include keywords in your headline, the higher your chances are of being seen by people who are searching for related topics.

5. Identify your target market

You will need to do a lot of research to identify your target market. Once you have narrowed down your research, you can then identify a research methodology and write content for your target audience.

Here are some factors that you should consider when you're doing your market research:

Why are they reading your content?

What kind of products are they interested in?

Do you have competitors that you can compare your product with?

Once you have identified your target market, you can then go about creating content to interest them.

6. Write an irresistible headline

The headline is the first part of your post that is likely to be read by the readers. You should always ensure that your headline is persuasive and attractive. You can use the law of attraction to boost your sales.

Have you ever seen the stickers that are put on the sides of ambulances and rescue vehicles? They say "look, don't touch" to remind people that their well-being is important and they should take extra precautions.

You can use the same principle in marketing, too. Your headline should say something like, "Beware of this harmful medicine!" or "Please take these vitamins now!" Your readers will naturally be attracted to the headline.

Use Your Outlets to Your Advantage

Once you have created a blog that has gotten a lot of attention, you should use it to its full potential.

Here are some areas where you can use your blog:

Your Blog as a Work for Hire Website

Creating a blog is a lot of work, so why not make your blog a place to hire people? You can run a job site where you can post jobs that need doing on your blog. All you need to do is publish a job that is related to your blog. People will apply for the job and if you choose them, they will do the work.

Your Blog as a Content Marketing Tool

Your blog is the perfect place to host all of your online content that you have created. Use the resources on your blog to offer tutorials or create videos for your readers. This will help you build up a database of subscribers and grow your brand.

A Place to Get Freebies

You can use your blog to distribute freebies to your followers and clients. For instance, you can offer a free copy of an ebook, a coupon, or a free consultation.

Your Blog as a Hub

Your blog can also act as a hub for all of your online content. Use social media to promote it to your followers. You can also use Google analytics to monitor your traffic on the blog and on your social media profiles.

Your Blog as a Share-A-Sale Hub

Once you have established your blog as a hub, you can also host all your sales and discounts there. You can include coupon codes, free samples, and other useful things.


Blogging is a task that doesn't have an end. Blogging is a long-term process, and there is no short cut to blogging success. However, you can improve your blogging efforts by following the tips and strategies that have been shared in this post.

10-Importance of Digital marketing certificates

The whole world is moving toward digital marketing and these days, you can earn certifications that can serve as a source of digital marketing certifications. The whole scenario of certifications is such that each sector and industry is there with their specific qualifications. You can as well get digital marketing certifications from the major players in the industry. These certifications are helpful in enhancing your knowledge and thus earning money.

To obtain a digital marketing certification you need a master degree or a bachelor's degree. The difference in the courses is digital marketing is one of the newer fields in the world. So it has to be updated as the industry keeps changing. The courses are in different institutes in the US and various countries. You have to face the complexities and thus require to be knowledgeable in the course.

Most of the major organizations like LinkedIn, MSDN, AOL, and more invest in digital marketing certifications. You have to be sure to have a digital marketing certification from a premier organization before you can even consider working for them.

You must also remember that digital marketing certifications are only useful after you gain the knowledge and know how to execute it properly. There are various schemes of digital marketing certifications like such as digital marketing certifications, digital marketing degree, digital marketing diploma, digital marketing associate, digital marketing certificate, digital marketing certification for bloggers, etc

Even a digital marketing diploma or digital marketing associate degree is not a sufficient certification, as you must have the required knowledge and implement it well to obtain the certification. The certifications can be useful in building your reputation and brand in the industry.

11-Digital Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are much more effective than non-digital or traditional advertisements because they can be tailored to suit a person’s interests. But, if you’re looking to do this from scratch, you can learn how to create excellent video marketing videos for your business at an online course such as this one.

Creating digital marketing videos can also help you make a lot more money. With the right video marketing strategies, you can increase your search engine rankings, engage more people and drive even more traffic to your website.

The problem with most businesses is that they lack both the necessary video and internet savvy to do digital marketing successfully. This course covers everything from how to create a marketing video to utilizing Google Adwords to get more traffic. It also touches on the best video platforms to use to capture and share attention.

New Business Website

The most effective way to launch a new business is to build a website that is SEO-ready. In fact, you can learn how to design a professional, user-friendly website that attracts potential clients from the comfort of your home with this course.

It even includes helpful tips on attracting the right type of clients through content, guest blogging, social media and more.

Learn Web Development

If you’re looking to develop your own digital marketing strategy, this free web development course might be for you. It covers design, programming and web design basics. This course takes you from basic to advanced concepts. You can also learn how to build a responsive website and optimize it for SEO.

Rookie web development courses

In addition to offering an excellent introduction to web design, this course also takes you through the basics of web development. The end result is an in-depth knowledge of the two technologies. They’ll help you create and maintain a professional website with the proper structure, content and navigation.

Bots: The Newest tools in Social Media

The rise of social media and the impressive skills of people like Nick Bosler has also resulted in a major shift in the way businesses reach out to customers. Bots are being deployed to create conversation and communication that never existed before. In fact, you’ll learn how to build an advanced social media marketing strategy using these chatbots.

You’ll also learn how to create content that engages your audience, quickly and accurately.

Media Marketing Secrets

Everyone is trying to get noticed by their peers, family and friends. This course offers a detailed overview of how to create media marketing strategies that spread awareness and spread awareness. It also offers tips on how to take advantage of emerging social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

It even teaches you how to optimize a content strategy for YouTube and other video-sharing sites.

This course offers guidance on how to determine where you’re currently losing traffic and how you can get more customers from your current locations.

12-Must have digital Marketing Tools

Down below are some skills you need to be familiar with when it comes to digital marketing tools:

  • e-commerce marketing
  • design
  • web hosting
  • blogging and social media
  • Core Digital Marketing Skills
  • In-depth knowledge of content creation
  • Dramatic analysis of various types of online marketing and statistics
  • Recognition of strong influences in digital marketing
  • High level of expertise of social networks
  • Being technically sound in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
  • Experience with search engine optimisation, marketing automation, and affiliate marketing
  • Competence in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Best Competencies
  • Strong Google Analytics skills
  • Big data proficiency
  • Content marketing skill set
  • Expertise of social media
  • Team work
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Business acumen
  • Strategic thinking
  • Ability to work under pressure and perform under pressure
  • Flexibility in adjusting to rapidly changing environment
  • Identify and apply business trends

Must have digital Marketing Tools

Down below are some skills you need to be familiar with when it comes to digital marketing tools:

Social Media

Social media has transformed many businesses to help create brand awareness. It is a tool that you can use to get your brand out there. You can simply tag your brand name on your posts to get the idea across.


Use Facebook to create an online community to interact with your target audience. You can post information, offers, events, giveaways and more to your profile.


Use Instagram to interact with your audience. If you’re lucky, you can get a lot of freebies to put in your profile and posts to get more views and followers.


You can use Twitter to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world. You can also tweet other brands to create a community and share your ideas and expertise.


This is where you need to stay abreast with current events in your industry. You can also use LinkedIn to help promote your profile and reach out to other professionals.


If you’re into web design, there’s no need to miss out on any opportunities of making money online. You can use YouTube to share your professional knowledge to help make a living from the comfort of your living room.


For those who want to expand their learning career, e-books are an affordable, and innovative way of doing it. You can get a discount on e-books you can download and read through your digital reader of choice.


If you’re a long time reader of any article, you should be aware of the fact that you can now download free e-books through websites. You can also start selling digital books on social media to make a little extra cash.

You also need to have a few digital marketing tools, so you can promote yourself online.

Domain names

Most popular websites come with domain names that are associated with them. You should take this into consideration before buying the domain name for your website.

Most popular websites come with domain names that are associated with them. You should take this into consideration before buying the domain name for your website. Website templates

A well-designed website can be used to promote your business, gain new leads, and attract customers. You need to find templates that would allow you to quickly put your website together without spending a lot of money.

The Bottom Line,Creating a digital marketing plan that can help grow your business and enable you to promote your brand is one of the easiest things you can do to make a business profitable. Take the time to make a digital marketing plan and make sure that it is cost-effective.

When it comes to digital marketing, few things are more important than the tools digital marketers rely on to get their work done.But their needs are notoriously hard to predict. While some predictors are accurate for predicting email open rates, for example, they don’t often predict the performance of video and graphics. Nor do they provide useful insights about online store performance. But when you have online stores, you’re going to want a good prognosis.

Luckily, nearly all modern data tools today are able to analyze the performance of all those tools above, in some sort of combined report. Here are just a few tools that we’ve come across:

The Interactive Data Optimizer, built by Scott Hensley, computes daily data for six major online store metrics: site visitation, conversion rates, sales, bounce rates, referrals, and average order value.

13.Why study marketing ?

What are the most important and well-known marketing trends? Which marketing tactics have proved themselves over the past decades?

Why marketing becomes increasingly important?

What are the marketing trends over the next years?

We answer these questions by producing an e-book. Each marketing trend has been researched and addressed by a detailed report, which you can download and share.

Make your next marketing campaign a success by taking advantage of the in-depth research and the thoroughly documented statistics. The eBook will have you equipped to deliver even the best campaign, while also having a clear and unique, innovative approach to marketing your company.

What is included ?

• What are the marketing trends over the next years?

• Which marketing tactics have proved themselves over the past decades?

• Why marketing becomes increasingly important?

• Marketing goals

• Hiring a Marketing Manager

• Facebook marketing

• Optimization of the website

• Google Adwords

• Social media marketing

• Overall Website optimization

• Pay per Click advertising

• Landing Page optimization

• A/B testing

• Conversion rate optimization

• Email marketing

• Sponsoring partner

• Social media marketing

• Search engine marketing

• Email marketing

• PPC marketing

• Influencers and Thought Leaders

• Email marketing

• Landing page optimization


• Back-Linking

• Clickbank

• Webinars

• Podcasts

• High end video content

What are the features ?

- A wide array of stats

- A rich glossary

- A legend to learn the statistics

- High end case study examples

- A glossary for terms related to the topics

- A short paragraph to go with the statistics and the trend

- A clear understanding of the purpose of each trend

- Resources, case studies and links to other sources.

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